Moscow Urban Forum 2019

av | jun 3, 2019 | Mobility

Sara visited the Moscow Urban Forum and participated at the panel discussion ”Designing mobility. Approaches to production of user experience in subways”.

Others participating in the panel was Olga Aleksakova, founder of Buromoscow, Svetlana Batova, founder and editor Telegram channel ” we drive around Moscow, Oksana Bondarenko- co-author and project manager at Hello Moscow, Mels Crouwel- cofounder Benthem Crouwel architects, Aleksei Kirichek – vice president VTB, Maksim Orlov- founder ONY, Tom Quay, CEO Passenger Technology Group. All moderated by Roman Latypov, deputy Chief, Moscow Metro. It was an interesting discussion where Mels showed the very new north – south Metro line in Amsterdam. A fantastic project that brought light to the underground and connects the underground with the ground above. Show cases with artifacts that was found under the construction of the Metro gives a reference to history. That leads us to the project “Hello Moscow” by Oksana among others. With the app Hello Moscow travellers on the Moscow Metro can take part of history, literature and art among. That makes the journey a wonderful experience. Tom Quay talked about passengers’ services on a single platform where you can buy ticket, get traffic information, do journey planning among other things. Sara had the opportunity to talk about the planned Metro Extension in Stockholm. A project in which she is participating as managing the architecture and art discipline at the Stockholm County Council, the Extended Metro administration. Her main topic was the building integrated art in the planned and the existing subway.

About Sara’s work for The Stockholm County Council, The Extended Metro administration: Sara is managing the architecture and art discipline. That includes managing and coordinating the overall design strategy for the extended Metro. Contracted architect bureaus that are designing the three extended Metro Lines are White (blue line: Akalla – Barkarby), &Rundquist (yellow line: Odenplan – Arenastaden) and Sweco architects (blue line: Kungsträdgården – Nacka). &Rundquist was also responsible of developing the overall design program for the new Metro. During the design phase the overall design has been elaborated in so called “theme meetings”, led by Sara since 2018.

Moscow urban forum 2019

Moscow urban forum 2019

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